2019 Fall Residency with the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa

The Embassy of the United States of America in Cameroon is seeking highly proficient writers between the age of 21 and 65 who know English for the 2019 International Writing Program’s Fall Residency, hosted by the University of Iowa.  The IWP Fall Residency brings together globally-recognized and up-and-coming writers to the U.S. to help sharpen their writing skills, collaborate on group projects, teach, and participate in outreach events with American communities, organizations, and businesses.  Further details about the program are available on the IWP website: http://iwp.uiowa.edu/.  Interested candidates should send  a literary-focused curriculum vitae (CV), a 10-15 page writing sample in English (or an English translation of a sample of the writer’s works), a justification for participation, and a passport photo page scan to ExchangesYaounde@state.gov before the deadline of April 7, 2019.