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Ambassador Lamora’s Remarks for MOU Signing Ceremony Cam-Hydro USA LLC and Government of Cameroon
January 26, 2024

Excellency Minister of Energy and Water Resources,
Members of the Cam-Hydro Team,
Distinguished invitees,


Good morning.  I’m happy and honored to be with you today for this signing ceremony between Cam-Hydro USA LLC and the Government of Cameroon.  This project is a prime example of our growing U.S.-Cameroon bilateral trade and investment to strengthen both our countries’ future.  And we’re proud to see that U.S. companies are bringing in technologies and know-how to improve the lives of Cameroonians.

The U.S. Embassy, and in fact the U.S. Government as a whole, encourages American companies to follow certain principles that reinforce our commitment to the Cameroonian people and the Cameroonian economy.  We encourage them to hire and train Cameroonians and to transfer first-class technology.  We encourage transparent contracting procedures, good corporate governance, and program management, as well as zero tolerance for corrupt practices.  Finally, we want to see U.S. companies give back to the communities that welcome them, respect worker rights, and safeguard the environment.

We consider these business principles the hallmark of American investment.  Transparency, in addition to just being the right thing to do, wins the trust of consumers and the Cameroonian people.

Cam-Hydro LLC shares this vision.  So please indulge me a couple more minutes of your time to say a few words about them and the project.


The Minkouma project seeks to design, finance, build, operate, and transfer a hydropower plant with the capacity to generate 240 to 300 Megawatts.  The plant will be located on the Sanaga River at Minkouma village.  The project’s objectives are in line with Cameroon’s development goals, including to become increasingly energy self-sufficient while driving economic development (which is directly related to growing electricity demand).

The project strengthens efforts to combat climate change in a region that hungers for a just energy transition.  The developers have committed to supporting the livelihoods of communities affected by the dam, and will safeguard the biodiversity and surrounding environment.

Cam-Hydro LLC and its partner Guy Tchoumba, an American citizen of Cameroonian descent, hail from the state of Colorado.  Cam-Hydro’s TITLE, Justin Ntsama, is a household name in the Cameroonian electricity sector, with over 30 years of experience as an electrical engineer on several major power projects in the country.

I am convinced the signing of this MOU today will be the start of a fruitful venture that will bring benefits to the lives of Cameroonians.  Thank you once again for joining us and for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today.