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American Film Envoy Engages Cameroonians on Storytelling for Behavior Change
February 2, 2023

From January 14-21, 2023 Embassy Yaoundé hosted American film producer/director Mr. Mark Warshaw under the American Film Showcase Program to empower diverse stakeholders to tell their stories and bring about social change.

The program kicked off with a working session with stakeholders of the Cameroonian film industry to discuss challenges and opportunities in Cameroonian cinema.  As a special guest of the 9th edition of the Yarha International Film festival, Mr. Warshaw led master classes for emerging and established filmmakers on storytelling techniques, film production for positive social change, and best practices for transmedia marketing.  He also conducted seminars with film students and faculty at the University of Yaoundé 1 and the University of Dschang’s Fine Arts Institute of Foumban.

Participants were delighted to learn from an experienced and acclaimed producer and director, one they had heard about through his popular shows such as Smallville and Heroes.  “This is a dream come true,” a student from Foumban declared.  Showcasing examples, Mr. Warshaw encouraged students to write their stories and provided a step-by-step guide for developing film projects that are transgenerational, fun, and have a social impact.

To learn more about the American Film Showcase Program, please visit: https://americanfilmshowcase.com/