Connecting with Youth in Foumban

PAO Roberto Quiroz II with youth in Foumban on January 8, 2016.
PAO Roberto Quiroz II with youth in Foumban on January 8, 2016. [USEYde Photo]
On January 8, Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II held impromptu discussions with youth during his visit to Foumban in Cameroon’s West Region.  The young people discussed their aspirations to support Cameroon attain the goals of “Vision 2035” through expanded access to education and employment. Several observed that the bustling business activities in their city reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and limitless potential of the Cameroonian people, and expressed their hopes to contribute to their nation’s development.  Others noted with pride Foumban’s religious harmony and cultural heritage which date back centuries and are cherished and valued by its residents as well as all Cameroonians.

Mr. Quiroz told them:  “As President Barack Obama has said – and Ambassador Michael S. Hoza has reaffirmed here in Cameroon – the United States of America believes strongly in young people like you because you are the future of your nation and of Africa.  We are proud to partner with the government and people of Cameroon through several programs sponsored by the American people.  These are programs intended to directly benefit Cameroonians.  From promoting security against Boko Haram, enhancing greater access to health services, promoting educational exchange opportunities, implementing English teaching programs, cultural preservation programs, science and agricultural projects by our Peace Corps volunteers, and others, when America says ‘on est ensemble’ we mean it. You are all very important to the future of Cameroon, and it is especially important to welcome the talents and contributions of women and girls whose efforts are essential to promote development in all nations.  Within the last two years President Obama has invited 24 Cameroonians to the White House through the Young African Leaders Initiative/Mandela Washington Fellows Program (YALI/MWF).  These are young leaders and Cameroonian patriots who share your story and origins.  We are proud that they have carried this message of peace, hope, unity, development, personal contributions, believing in your own dreams and persevering towards achieving them throughout all regions in Cameroon.  I am proud to echo their message to you as well.  Who knows where the future will lead you? Maybe in this group there will be a future leader, scientist, entrepreneur, or Nobel Prize laureate who will greatly  contribute to Cameroon.  As you pursue your goals and dreams, know that America believes in you.”

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