Consul Highlights Visa Transparency on CRTV

Consul Pamela R. Kazi during CRTV radio interview on May 28, 2015.[USEYde Photo]
Consul Pamela R. Kazi during CRTV radio interview on May 28, 2015.[USEYde Photo]
On May 27, Consul Pamela R. Kazi granted an interview in French to Cameroon Radio and Television’s (CRTV) “Morning Safari” program, where she welcomed Cameroonians to apply for tourist, business, student, exchange, or immigrant visas underscoring that the U.S. Embassy is the one source where they can get accurate and clear information on how to apply for a visa.  She warned the Cameroonian public not to listen to visa peddlers, whose fraudulent documents for sale deny otherwise qualified applicants the opportunity to visit the United States.

The Consul added: “My message to the Cameroonian people as American Consul at the U.S. Embassy is clear: We want visa peddlers to be taken out of business.  Many Cameroonians – in fact – qualify for visas.  Visa peddlers harm applicants, corrupt our consular operations and are breaking Cameroonian laws through their corruption.  Visa peddlers are now being held accountable by Cameroonian law enforcement authorities, and there have been arrests of both visa peddlers, as well as some applicants who have made the unfortunate decision to believe the false promises of visa peddlers.  That is why we want visa peddlers out of business.  Cameroonians have family members in the United States they may want to visit.  If you want to study apply for a student visa, not a tourist visa. Ask the U.S. Embassy directly if you have any questions.  We are here to serve the people of Cameroon.  Our U.S. Embassy website has all the information you need direct from the source:  We also have Consular chats on Facebook each month, and have an Education USA Advisor at our embassy, Richard Ewane, who provides academic guidance to all Cameroonians who need it. Please contact him for information on how to study in the United States.”

Ms. Kazi added that the U.S. Embassy’s message to the Cameroonian public is to beware of visa peddlers, and to apply for a visa using real documentation.

This was the U.S. Embassy’s second live radio program this month to promote information on consular services to the public. On May 13, CRTV welcomed Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II and Assistant Regional Security Officer Nick Castellano, who responded to questions from the radio hostesses and callers on U.S. foreign policy priorities and consular questions on how to best apply for a visa. Read story on our website: