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Cultural Outreach Programs
January 27, 2022

Outreach Programs

The Cultural Section also runs many programs to engage Cameroonian audiences on key Mission Strategic Plan topics.

  • U.S. Speaker programs: The U.S. Embassy regularly hosts American experts in different fields who travel to Cameroon for seminars, workshops, or high level discussions. These speakers are either from the United States or from Paris. We equally organize DVCs (Digital Video Conferences) with these experts.
  • U.S. Performing artists: Through the American Music Abroad program or the Performing Arts Initiative Program Post regularly hosts American musicians. In addition to representational performances at the Ambassador’s residence, these artists are programmed in schools, universities or local communities throughout the country.
  • Book distribution: The Cultural Section keeps a stock of printed materials from the International Information Programs (IIP) office. These materials are used to support activities and programs from all Mission sections. We have also developed a program to support Cameroon schools with books in English. Each year we order books from the scholastic collection that we donate to schools throughout Cameroon.
  • Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation: The Cultural Section takes advantage of the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation to assist the Government of Cameroon in promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the country. In recent years, three projects from Cameroon have been funded, namely “the Bamum Scripts Preservation Project” (funded twice, 2005 and 2006) and “The Baka Dance Documentation Project.” (2010)
  • Other thematic programs: The Cultural Section regularly designs and implements Post-generated cultural outreach programs such as seminars, workshops, book discussions, sports events, and film screening sessions, to share American values and address topics that are pertinent for the development of Cameroon.