Educational Advising

The Educational Advising Center

The EducationUSA Advising Center (EAC) is an official, accredited authority on U.S. study. We provide information and services to people in Cameroon who are interested in studying in the U.S., and to persons or organizations abroad about Cameroon’s educational system and schools.

The EAC is located in the James Baldwin American Center (JBAC) at the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé. The following services are available at the EAC:

  • Advice on planning for education and career, selection of fields of study and/or career search at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Information on accredited institutions of higher education in the U.S. and in Cameroon.
  • Access to publications, college and university catalogs, university descriptions and addresses.
  • Registration forms and booklets, study materials, and guidance for standardized tests such as the TOEFL, ACT/SAT, GMAT, and GRE.
  • Practical information on studying and living in the U.S.

The EducationUSA Adviser is also available to make presentations to schools, businesses, community groups, and others on studying in the U.S.

Schedule of Events: Stay Informed!

EducationUSA frequently organizes events to promote educational opportunities in the United States. In order to be added to the EducationUSA mailing list and receive notifications about all upcoming events and opportunities, please sign up here:

For security reasons, individuals are required to sign up in advance to attend programs held at the U.S. Embassy. Individuals who have not signed up in advance will not be admitted into the Embassy.

“Let’s get Started” Orientation Sessions:

Are you thinking of studying in the United States? Do you have questions about the process and how to get started? Please join the EducationUSA Adviser in an introductory session and find out how to search for schools, how to find scholarships, and much more! Please sign up by following the link under “Schedule of events: Stay Informed” in order to receive a notification when the next session is scheduled.

Essay Writing Workshop:

Please join the EducationUSA Adviser for a workshop on writing the TOEFL essay, the college essay or  the graduate school statement of purpose on Monday, October 26, 2015. These are all important components of any college application, so come and get the tools to succeed! Please sign up by following the link under “Schedule of events: Stay Informed” in order to receive a notification when the next workshop is scheduled.

Note: Photo identification is required for all sessions at the U.S. Embassy. The EAC is closed on Fridays and U.S. and Cameroonian holidays. No sessions are offered during EAC or U.S. Embassy closures.

For more information, please contact:

Priscilla Mbiandja
EducationUSA Adviser
Public Affairs Section
American Embassy
Rue Rosa Parks
P.O. Box 817, Yaoundé, Cameroon
Phone: (237) 222 201 500 Ext. 4009
Fax: (237) 222 201 402

EdUSA Cameroonian Student Achievers Club

The EducationUSA Cameroonian Student Achievers Club is a U.S. Embassy sponsored student organization coordinated by the EducationUSA Adviser that assists academically achieving students to have an improved chance at admissions to a U.S. university, with scholarships. CAMSAC is open to all students in Yaounde. Appreciation of diversity is a fundamental value at U.S. higher education institutions, and integration starts at home.

Participation is selective and based on the applicant’s grades, English, and motivation for wanting to study in the U.S. All interested secondary school students in Yaounde who have (or about to) graduate from high school, as well as students who are currently at the university and wish to pursue graduate studies.They must be in the top 10% of their class.

There are 6 basic components of CAMSAC:

  1. Maintain minimum grade requirement (approximately top 10% of students).
  2. Participate in two workshops a month.
  3. Adhere to the CAMSAC Code of Conduct.
  4. Participate in volunteer/community service activities.
  5. Develop reading and writing competency in English.
  6. Serve as a U.S. Embassy spokesperson on Educational Advising
  1. Committed participants who follow the full CAMSAC program will be able to prepare competitive applications for admission to U.S. universities. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that CAMSAC students will be accepted to U.S. universities or obtain a student visa, but this intensive group advising club guarantees the best possible chance. The EducationUSA Advisor will also work with CAMSAC participants to find an alternative plan in the event that the application process is not successful.
  2. CAMSAC members have the privilege to borrow educational advising materials.
  3. CAMSAC members receive exclusive invitations to test preparation and essay writing workshops organized only for CAMSAC members.
  4. CAMSAC members receive expert advice and reviews on essays and application forms by the EducationUSA Advisor.

CAMSAC membership does not include IRC membership, which must be obtained separately and in accordance with JBIRC rules. For more information regarding access to the JBIRC, please see the IRC webpage. Note that such arrangements must be made in advance.