Study in the U.S.A.

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The EducationUSA Advising Center (EAC) is an official, accredited authority on U.S. study. We provide information and services to people in Cameroon who are interested in studying in the U.S., and to persons or organizations abroad about Cameroon’s educational system and schools.

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Discover a wide range of scholarships offered by American universities.

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Exchanged Programs

Discover a variety of U.S. government-sponsored educational and professional exchange programs.

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Join the International Exchange Alumni Community, a website for current and emerging leaders who have participated in U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.

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English Language Learning

Teach and learn English as a foreign language, explore American culture and encourage English conversation within the global learning community.

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American Spaces

Visit an American space or “American Corner” near you to connect with others, participate in activities and learn more about the United States.