Scams FAQs

There are several things you can look for to tell if the job is real.
1) All embassy jobs are advertised on our website – If you do not see the job advertised here it is not a real job. DO NOT BE FOOLED.
2) No Embassy employee (or spouse) will ever email you directly to offer you a job at their home or at the Embassy. (Do not be fooled by emails from the Ambassador or his wife- THEY ARE NOT REAL).
3) Any emails about embassy jobs would come from our Human Resources Department (HR). The email will be from a email account. It will NOT be from a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, or Facebook account.
4) If you are asked for money to apply or to process any of your materials DO NOT PAY. It is a scam. You will NOT be asked for money to apply to jobs with the embassy or at the homes of Embassy employees.

You can report internet scams to the Cameroonian Authorities via this link.

Scams that Misrepresent U.S. Embassy Consular Services

The U.S. government will never contact you to provide an H1B or any other type visa if you have not already applied for such a visa.  Moreover, the U.S. government will never request payment by e-mail in advance of visa issuance.

No.  No visa agents are associated with the U.S. Embassy, despite their claims.  Additionally, no one can guarantee you a visa.  The only way to obtain a visa is to apply through the normal process indicated on our website.  Using visa agents or providing false documents or information during the visa interview could result in a visa denial.

All official e-mail correspondence from the U.S. Embassy will be sent from an e-mail address ending in Example:

Write to us directly at with information on possible scams.