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Journalists Learn Tips and Tools for Investigating Corruption and Governance Issues
March 13, 2020

Journaliste Kribi

The U.S. Embassy organized from March 2 to 6 in Kribi and Douala two workshops on investigative journalism practices and reporting on governance. U.S. journalist and expert media trainer Sarah Wachter provided the participants with tips, techniques, and resources to carry out investigative reports on corruption and governance issues. Sixty journalists from print, audiovisual, and online media outlets gained new skills to empower them to undertake the substantial and time-intensive work of investigative journalism, which plays a critical role in providing the transparency needed for citizens to play a constructive role in promoting good governance. Public Affairs Officer Leanne Cannon encouraged the participants to take their role seriously as an essential element of a health democracy. At the end of the workshop, participants committed to develop investigative journalism projects in their newsrooms and help tackle the global phenomenon of corruption as it manifests in their local contexts.