Learning English and Teaching Tolerance

The Cheik receiving Koran with Smiles. [Access Program Photo]
The Cheik receiving Koran with Smiles. [Access Program Photo]
As their own contribution towards the fight against religious intolerance, which is the cause of the killings perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect in Cameroon, Access students recently embarked on a sensitization campaign in Yaounde.

At the beginning of the month of August, students came up with some interesting messages on “what Access is for” and “what Access is against.” On August 22, 2015, they visited both a mosque and a Christian church in Yaounde; the Tsinga Islmaic Complex Mosque and the Presbyterain Church Nkolbisson, respectively. During the visit, they presented their messages to each of the religious communities and also cleaned the surroundings of the church and mosque.

Muslim girls handing over a Bible to a pastor.
Muslim girls handing over a Bible to a pastor. [Access Program Photo]
On September 26, 2015, the students took some symbolic gifts to the two religious leaders they visited in August – a bible to the Pastor and a Koran to the Imam. To show that they believe Access is for unity and religious tolerance, the bible was handed over to the Pastor by two Muslim girls and the Koran was presented to the Imam by two Christian kids.

In their responses to Access kids, both religious leaders expressed joy at the gesture and told the kids to always live together as one, be they Muslims, Christians or even non-believers. They advised the students to practice all they say Access is for (love, unity, peace, tolerance, etc.) and discard what Access is against (hatred, religious intolerance, war, etc.)

It was with great joy that the students shared with these leaders what Access is all about.