Media Interview Highlights U.S. Immigration

Group photo
Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II (left) and Media Assistant Isabelle Kame-Domguia (right) welcome Mr. Aboudi Ottou from Cameroonian newspaper “Integration” and present him a book on New York City the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé on January 15, 2015.

On January 15, Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II conducted an interview with Mr. Aboudi Ottou from major Cameroonian newspaper “Integration” to discuss President Barack Obama’s executive action last November to address the status of approximately four million undocumented immigrants. The interview was held at the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé.

Mr. Quiroz underscored the United States’ tradition as a nation of immigrants, noting: “As President Obama has said, for more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities — people not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose. In fact, all presidents since Eisenhower have taken executive action on immigration. We are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too. Whether our forebears were strangers who crossed the Atlantic, or the Pacific, or the Rio Grande, we are here only because this country welcomed them in, and taught them that to be an American is about something more than what we look like, or what our last names are, or how we worship. What makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an ideal – that all of us are created equal, and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will.”

Mr. Quiroz added that since the enactment of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, the United States opened its doors further to immigrants from all regions in the world. “As such, the majority of languages spoken in the world; and religions, heritages, and cultures observed and practiced are found today in America. This distinguishes us as a nation of immigrants who come to our shores to seek a better life for themselves and their families, and offer tremendous contributions to our national life.”

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