U.S. Mission Receives Regional EducationUSA Advising Coordinator

Ms. Keteku walks  students through the admission cycle
Ms.Nancy Keteku, , the Regional EducationUSA Advising Coordinator for Central and West Africa, walks students through the admission cycle on January 6, 2014 in Yaoundé. [USEYde Photo]
The U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé was pleased to welcome Nancy Keteku, the Regional EducationUSA Advising Coordinator for Central and West Africa, on a one-week visit to Cameroon. During her stay, Mrs. Keteku participated in several events organized by Richard Ewane, the EducationUSA Advisor. These activities include:

  • An EducationUSA Advising session at the James Baldwin Information Resource Center of the U.S. Embassy on January 6. During this session, Ms. Keteku walked the students through the admission cycle, providing them with resources for selecting a school, applying to these schools and searching for sources of financial aid.  She also emphasized the importance of self-motivation throughout the application process, and told the students that “it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be admitted into a U.S. university, and even more to receive financial aid.” Mr. Ewane and Mrs. Keteku were joined by Roberto Quiroz II (Public Affairs Officer) and Merlyn Schultz (Cultural Affairs Officer) to welcome the students and offer them a few words of encouragement.
  • A discussion with students at the American Language Center on January 7, to discuss their progress and concerns, as they embark on their journey to a U.S. education. Mrs. Keteku spoke at length about how students should go about searching for the right school, providing them with resources to assist them, and reminding them to use their EducationUSA Advisor as a resource. She and Richard also spoke about how to finance their education. Mr. Ewane, himself a Cameroonian who studied in the United States, drew from his personal experience to address their concerns about adapting to American culture, telling the students that “living in the United States broadens your perspective on the world in very profound ways. I hope you all get to share this experience”.
  • On January 8, a meeting with CAMSAC (The Cameroonian Student Achievers Club), EducationUSA’s cohort advising group.  Mrs. Keteku talked to the students about their progress, reminding them of the purpose of their CAMSAC membership. She encouraged them to make the most of the very unique position in which they find themselves.

View more pictures of the visit on the EducationUSA Facebook page: http://goo.gl/NSfcUH.