2016 International Coastal Cleanup Day: Access Students from Cameroon Answer the Call

Participants in the English Access Microscholarship Program at the Douala American Language Center (ALC) conducted a “Coastal Cleanup Campaign” at the Douala Naval Base on Saturday, October 29, 2016. The activity was organized to mark the 2016 International Costal Cleanup Day. Students from the Environmental Clubs of Lyceee Mongo Joseph and Lycee Bilingue Deido, two Douala high schools, as well as alumni of the first ALC Access group joined the current Access students in the activity, making a total of 102 participants. Mr. Sidi Bare, Littoral Regional Delegate of MINEPDED, accompanied by some of his colleagues attended the event and provided additional material support.

Cleanup activities started at the naval base premises. Students worked along the sea shore and at the nearby fish market. With enthusiasm and excitement, Access students and their friends picked up every plastic bottle or paper on the coast. They also cleared an impressive sea of plastic bottles behind the fish market. This resulted in many bags of garbage weighing about 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) that were later on loaded in trucks of the national garbage collection company, HYSACAM, for adequate disposal. The Regional Delegate for the Environment and Nature Protection thanked the students for their commitment to protecting the marine environment. Officials of the naval base, fish market women and other members of the community congratulated the Access students for this unprecedented initiative.

The goal of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, observed on September 17 every year, is to raise awareness on the need to significantly reduce the input of debris, especially plastics, into the marine environment in order to achieve measurable reductions by 2025. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of this initiative, which is led by The Ocean Conservancy.

For more information about the Coastal Cleanup Day, visit the Ocean Conservancy’s website http://www.oceanconservancy.org