PAO Encourages Cameroonian Journalists to Cover Elections Fairly and Accurately

Public Affairs Officer Lee McManis talk to the journalists.

Speaking to 30 journalists at a June 14 training workshop on media, peace, and elections organized by local nonprofit organization NewSETA and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, Public Affairs Officer Lee McManis said “Media freedom, free expression, and the free flow of information are crucial in buttressing respect for human rights and a pluralistic democracy.  The United States government engages in bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, foreign assistance programs, and public diplomacy activities to promote human rights and democracy.  In particular, freedom of expression stands out as necessary therapy to maintain a healthy democracy that allows citizens to participate in decision making processes which affect their daily lives.”  NewSETA Executive Director Mr. Caxton Ateki closed the session, in which Member of Parliament and President of the Parliamentary Network for the Youth Mr. Gaston Komba also participated.