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PRESS RELEASE: American Musicians Highlight U.S.-Cameroonian Economic Ties
March 5, 2020


Nelly Echo In Cameroon
Concert du groupe de musique américain Nelly Echo au Canal Olympia à Yaoundé.
Nelly Echo In Cameroon
Taylor Guitars, un fabricant américain offre son tout nouveau modèle de guitare au musicien camerounais Joshua Fanga.

On February 28, the week-long AmCamJam concert series concluded with a final concert at Canal Olympia. Headlining this event was Maryland-based music group Nelly’s Echo. This group specializes in R&B music and their lead singer, Nelson Emokpae, was a contestant on the American musical program The Voice. Throughout the week, the band conducted master classes, free concerts, and educational outreach. At their final concert, Nelly’s Echo shared the stage with Cameroonian musicians they had met during the week, creating a fusion of American and Cameroonian musical sensibilities. Taylor Guitars, an American manufacturer that sources the Cameroonian ebony for its instruments, gifted their newest model of guitar to local musician Joshua Fanga. Taylor Guitars, which spends millions of dollars annually to replenish Cameroon’s ebony tree population, employs 60 Cameroonians at its Crelicam plant.