PRESS RELEASE: Clarification on U.S. Role in Cameroon’s National Dialogue



Clarification on U.S. Role in Cameroon’s National Dialogue

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The U.S. Embassy noted recent press reports that erroneously characterized the role of the United States in relation to the national dialogue currently underway.  The United States is a neutral observer of the process and, while we have offered to play a role in identifying an eventual solution, we would need to be asked by both sides before taking on this role.

Retired senior U.S. State Department official Herman Cohen today denied a rumor that he had accepted to become the spokesman of “Ambazonia” and stated that he would not be able to participate in these negotiations.

The United States remains a committed partner and friend of Cameroon.  Our desire is for all Cameroonians to live in peace.  The Embassy urges all involved in the conflict in the Anglophone Northwest and Southwest to abjure further violence and enter into an open-ended dialogue without pre-conditions.

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United States Embassy in Yaounde, Press Section, Tel 22 20 15 00, ext 4162 or 4273.