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PRESS RELEASE: Statement on Cameroon’s National Youth Day
February 11, 2021

Statement on Cameroon’s National Youth Day
Wednesday, February 10, 2021

On February 11, children and youth in all of Cameroon’s ten regions – from Mamfe to Yokadouma and from Kousseri to Ambam – will celebrate this new generation’s capacity and commitment to help build a peaceful and prosperous future.

After four years of armed conflict in the English-speaking regions, ongoing cycles of humanitarian crisis and displacement, violent extremist attacks in the Far North Region, and a global COVID-19 pandemic with significant economic impacts, Cameroonian youth continue to show their strong resilience and potential.

On this special day, we encourage all Cameroonians, in their wonderful diversity, to take meaningful actions to uphold peace and to ensure that every child can attend school in safety, contribute to the advancement of their communities, and learn the skills necessary for life and success in tomorrow’s economy.

May this year bring peace.

Download the press Statement here (PDF 260 KB)