Public Health Specialist – Duties/Responsibilities #Closes 12/18/18

Position: Public Health Specialist (HTC/Linkages/Retention)

Major Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Program Management                                                                                                                 (75%)Job holder has primary responsibilities for program management and oversight of partner agencies implementing HTC, linkage, and retention activities funded by the U.S. government; oversees the design, coordination, and support for implementation of facility-based and community-based HTC services in Cameroon, including index testing and innovative strategies for HIV case-finding. This includes providing support in identifying, assessing, and implementing HIV testing, counseling and follow-up services at selected health care facilities, as well as select community sites and programs. The incumbent is responsible for  insuring HIV positive patients are appropriately referred and put in Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, as well as retention activities which include  ensuring the patients who are in treatment adhere to their treatment regiments and stay in treatment. This also includes ensuring innovative and/or alternative service delivery models are available to patients, including but not limited to multi-month ART dispensation and community ART delivery.  Incumbent is responsible for the planning and implementation of all CDC Cameroon HTC/linkage/retention programmatic activities.  Working with partners including Ministry of Health officials, job holder recommends to the USG and ministry counterparts approaches to enhancing and improving services and activities in Cameroon. In collaboration with various stakeholders, job holder is responsible for establishing HTC linkage/retention priorities for the USG team, and ensuring that the USG strategy for service delivery is in line with national policies.Incumbent is responsible for a broad range of planning, monitoring, coordination, capacity building, and implementation of tasks related to testing/counseling/linkages/retention.  Works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and implementing partners to develop goals and measurable outcomes to measure the success of linkages and re-engagement into HIV care and treatment. Provides technical assistance to MOH and implementing partners to ensure that HIV counseling, testing and linkages are being conducted in a manner which ensures that HIV positive clients are being linked and retained in HIV care and other services. Works with MOH and other stakeholders to update national policy as evidence becomes available supporting new HIV testing and treatment guidelines and/or WHO guidance changes.

      As an Activity Manager, incumbent participates in developing scopes of work for long- and short-term personnel needed to accomplish program activities. Job holder provides programmatic guidance to staff at all levels, and assists ministry officials to develop evaluation tools for its staff members engaged in testing, counseling, linkage and retention activities. Regularly analyzes HIV testing data and linkage and retention data to be able to provide guidance to implementing partners for corrective measure and program improvement at the facility level. Works with partners to identify and address potential and/or existing barriers to engagement in medical care. Reviews and assesses if current HIV linkage to care standard operating procedures (SOP) are appropriate and suitable for successfully linking HIV positive individuals, especially among key and priority populations and other at risk populations. Insures integration of Community Drug Distributions Centers with health facilities for optimal patient follow up and retention.  Ensures that HIV linkage to care SOPs are updated and kept current, and that Ministry of Health (MOH) and site staff are appropriately trained. Provides patient specific health education and literacy training to ensure that all new patients are able to navigate the HIV system of care available to them.

      Conducts systems assessment reviews of implementing partners to evaluate the quality and consistency of standard practices.  Performs routine audits of clinical sites in accordance with CDC’s directives.  Monitors and evaluates general procedures, assessing staff skills and competency. Develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) as a way to improve on the quality of services rendered to partners and to help partners improve on the services they offer to the clients. Provides guidance for records management system (hard and electronic) and ensures compliance with confidentiality protocols. Oversees implementation of quality improvement for HTC, linkage, and retention services, and liaises with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) colleagues at CDC for assessments, special studies and surveys as required.

      To achieve HIV epidemic control in Cameroon, Granular Site Management (GSM) will be implemented in high-volume sites.  The Incumbent will be part of the GSM team assigned to these high-volume sites and serve as the CDC point of contact (POC).  In collaboration with Ministry of Health, implementing partner(s), and site staff GSM team members, Incumbent will be responsible for using site-level data to analyze and identify challenges and implement solutions.  They will regularly monitor site activities, identify best practices that can be brought to scale for quality improvement.  The incumbent will have overall responsibility for site performance.

    2. Administrative Management                         (15%)Job holder provides technical advice to program collaborators and contractors on management and implementation of contracts and cooperative agreements to ensure consistency with PEPFAR policies and guidance. Participates with partners in the development of work plans for implementation of activities following contract and/or cooperative agreement awards. Maintains up-to date statistics and projects data and uses PEPFAR tools, such as PANORAMA, for the Project’s performance reporting.Job holder maintains files and records in the HTC/Linkage/Retention data collection and reporting process specific to the activities and programs for which responsible. Incumbent is responsible for data integrity and security of information in the reporting databases. Other program files include reports, meeting summaries and minutes, copies of all cooperative agreements/contracts, research determinations, panels, and awards.

      Incumbent is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring the budgets allocated to cooperative agreement implementing partners within the job holder’s portfolio. This includes reviewing budget request for appropriateness, monitoring use of funds or adherence to proposed activities, quarterly pipelines reviews and budget status reports, following up on irregular findings, and providing advice for corrective measures, realignments and/or redirection of budgets as well as conducting site visits.

    3. Interagency Coordination                                                         (10%)Participates in agency program management meetings as well as inter-agency technical and policy planning meetings, including meetings with collaborators and donor agencies. Represents the USG on technical working groups and committees to expand access to services, and assures that current program guidelines are developed and maintained. Incumbent represents agency in seminars and symposia related to HTC linkage/retention and provides expert advice to national advisory bodies.  Briefs agency officials on the results of such meetings and prepares written reports for submission to other interested parties. May be required to serve as a member and advisor on district and community committees for HTC issues. The purpose of these committees is to assess program needs and issues at the local level and communicate these needs/issues to the national level.Note:  This position description in no way states or implies that these are the complete duties to be performed by incumbent. Incumbent will be required to perform other duties as necessary and requested.