Renowned Children’s Book Author Visits Cameroon

American author and illustrator Donald Charles Grant.
American author and illustrator Donald Charles Grant. [USEYde Photo]
American author and illustrator Donald Charles Grant is visiting Cameroon this week. Based in Paris for over 30 years, Mr. Grant has studied art at the Pratt-Phoenix School of Design in New York (1977) and the Art Institute of Boston (1978). After living several years in London, he eventually settled in Paris. His children’s books were first published by Gallimard, and are now published by editions in New Horizons for broadcast on the African market. The rights of the child, protection of the environment and wildlife, and American culture are the main themes in his works.

Mr. Grant has devoted his life and talents in writing and art to the cause of educating children. His work has inspired and educated children in Europa, Africa, the United States, East, South, and Central Asia.  On his work, Mr. Grant said: “I have been fortunate to meet many people over the years who have inspired me to dedicate my work towards lifting the lives of children, who are our future. If hope to have made a small difference in their lives through my work.  We all need to empower them and build their self-confidence beginning with an education, teaching them to read and write, and to be aware of how they can achieve their own dreams to become outstanding citizens.  Many issues today affecting children around the world are incumbent upon each of us to resolve: child labor, trafficking, poverty, lack of a quality education and school materials, empowering girls to study and succeed, and others.”

Mr. Grant also thanked the Cameroonian people for welcoming him “with such a warm kindness and generosity.  Cameroonians have really made me feel at home and I was so inspired by the many children I gave presentations and exchanged ideas with.”

Commenting on his visit, Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II noted: “Some people can have the satisfaction of knowing that their lives have made a real and remarkable difference in lifting and inspiring thousands of lives.  Mr. Donald Grant is one of them.  He is an intellectual artist and writer who represents the greatest and most noble traits of American talent, and he is especially proud as well of his years and experiences living in Paris.  U.S. Embassy Yaounde thanks the Department of State’s Africa Regional Services based in Paris for facilitating the visit of Mr. Grant to Cameroon.”  Cultural Attaché Merlyn Schultz observed: “It is a privilege to welcome Mr. Grant to Cameroon because children had the opportunity to meet firsthand the author of the books which they have enjoyed reading, and to ask him questions about his own life journey and commitment to children’s rights and education.”

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