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November 8, 2023

1.   Tender requirements

a)   Please provide the US EMBASSY YAOUNDE with your most favorable air freight rates, up to free arrival destination, valid from January 01, 2024, through December 31, 2024. The destinations on the attached spreadsheet (Excel Sheet – 30KB) are split into two lists.  One list contains the normal authorized destinations (tab – Regular Destinations) as usual, and the second list (Tab – Worldwide Destinations) shows a set of other destinations.  Forwarders can quote on both lists, but only the first list (tab – Regular Destinations) is obligatory to make your quote valid.

b)   Rates provided are to be inclusive of all charges from Yaounde to destination airport and must cover air carriage all the way. Kindly display only the total amount per Kgs inclusive of all surcharges without details. Failure to do so will result in no consideration of your offer for the entire year 2024.

c)   Rates are to be quoted in CFA only and without the decimal point (no other currency).

d)   Routings: You are required to show indirect routings (in case flights are not non-stop). For multi-leg shipments, please indicate for each leg type of aircraft with the pertaining maximum dimensions and weight/piece allowed. Please indicate those destinations on a separate sheet that require such indirect routings.

e)   Aircraft type, airline and maximum dimensions allowed (length, width, and height) MUST be indicated for each bid. Please ensure that this information is accurate.

f)   Please advise Hazardous Material fee per shipment.

g)  S. Air carriers must be used if available.

h)  Rates can be adjusted on channels only through the expressed written approval from the Contracting Officer of EMBASSY YAOUNDE. All requests for change must be in writing and must explain the reasons for change request.

i)  The rates offered under this Tender must be made available to the American Embassy Yaounde for booking air shipments directly with the assigned freight forwarder for each shipping lane. Under this scenario, the Embassy issues the work order, makes the shipment available to the freight forwarder, provides any required paperwork and pays the invoice for each booking


2.   Handling requirements

a)  EMBASSY YAOUNDE instructs forwarders via email to pick up shipment. No shipments are to be picked up prior to EMBASSY YAOUNDE’s notification. Full flight information (air waybill number, flight number and departure date) is to be provided to EMBASSY YAOUNDE personnel via email within THREE workdays after receipt of the PICKUP ORDER.  Please note that multiple-leg shipments require multiple flight information.

b)  Any delays or cancellations of flights are to be reported immediately via email.

c)  Each EMBASSY YAOUNDE shipment needs its individual Master Air Waybill. Consolidation on the airway bill with strictly commercial cargo is prohibited.

e)  Shipper’s copy of the master air waybill must be in EMBASSY YAOUNDE’s possession within 48 hours after departure. (Showing exact markings and cargo description)

f)  Shipments are to be consigned to an American Embassy, Consulate or a Despatch Agency only as shown on the pickup order, and NOT to an agent.

g) Forwarders are responsible for full replacement value of cargo in case of lost/damaged cargo.


3.   Billing

a)  When several EMBASSY YAOUNDE shipments depart on the same airway bill, they are to be assessed only those rates applicable to their combined weight/volume.

b)  Weights and measurements provided by EMBASSY YAOUNDE are official and charges can only be applied against those figures.

c)  Invoices must include EMBASSY YAOUNDE purchase order number (GBL number) for each shipment and be submitted in one original and one copy. The EMBASSY YAOUNDE file number is shown on the pickup order.

d)  Invoices need to reflect dimensions, cubic measurement, weight/volume ratio and chargeable weight.

e)  Submit your invoices to: yaoundeinvoices@state.gov or via mail to the Finance Management Officer, US EMBASSY YAOUNDE – 6050 Avenue Rosa Parks, BP 817 – Yaounde


4.   Qualified offers

Only those forwarders who can FULLY comply with the requirements cited above should subit their offers for consideration.  Offers will only be evaluated when the attached electronic form is used.  In case you have questions regarding the use of the spreadsheet, please do not hesitate to e-mail: yaoundegsoshippingexpeditingdl@state.gov


Please use the following email address to return the filled-out spreadsheet to EMBASSY YAOUNDE: yaounde_procurement@state.gov

Quotes are to be submitted to EMBASSY YAOUNDE no later than 12:30 PM, December 1st, 2023.  EMBASSY YAOUNDE reserves the right to reject any or all quotes.



Download the full solicitation here (Word Document-34KB)