Request For Quotation Double Cabin Toyota Hilux Truck

Product/service required: One New 4X4 Double Cabin Toyota Hilux Truck or Equal

The American Embassy in Yaounde is seeking a qualified and experienced contractor to provide below Vehicle;

A. PURPOSE: Provide 4X4 Double Cabin Toyota Hilux Truck or Equal with below Specifications;

Standard Features

Transmission: 6 speed, Manual. Brakes: Front: Disc, Rear: Drum
Drive Type: 4×4
Tyres : Radial Front: 205R16C Rear: 205R16C. Steel
Suspensions: Front: Double Wishbone, Rear: Leaf Spring
Wheelbase: LWB 3085 mm, Ground Clearance: 293 mm
Weight : Kerb Weight: 1934kg, Gross Vehicle Weight: 2910kg, Payload: 976kg
Seats:  5 Seater. Front: 1+1 separate, Rear: 3 Bench. Material: Fabric
Dimensions:Length: 5330mm, Width: 1855mm, Height: 1815mm, Volume: 17.9m³ all excluding accessories
Colour: Super white
Engine Model: 2GD-FTV – 2393cc, Diesel(Tank 80l), 4 cylinders, BHP: 148, KW: 110, Cooling (Water), electrics 12 Volts
No of doors: 4

B. Price Quote Due Date: All quotes must show warranty on the items being proposed and should be submitted ( Subject RFQ- PR9075370 4X4 Double Cabin Toyota Hilux Truck) on or before  April 09, 2020 at 04pm local time via email to

C. Contract vehicle: Open Market.

D. Set-aside restrictions? There are no set-aside restrictions for this procurement.

E. Meet or Exceed? Offers must meet or exceed requested specifications as described herein.

F. Award Type: Government Purchase Order.

Award will be made to the lowest priced, technically acceptable, responsible offeror.  Proposals shall include proof of prior experience.

The Government reserves the right to reject proposals that are unreasonably low or high in price. The Government will determine quoter responsibility by analyzing whether the apparent successful quoter complies with the requirements of FAR 9.1, including:

  • Adequate financial resources or the ability to obtain them;
  • Ability to comply with the required performance period, taking into consideration all existing commercial and governmental business commitments;
  • Satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics;
  • Necessary organization, experience, and skills or the ability to obtain them;
  • Necessary equipment and facilities or the ability to obtain them; and
  • Be otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations

G. Offer validity: 60 days

Applicable FAR clauses: The selected Offeror must comply with all applicable FAR clauses. Please see final contracting instrument for a complete list, the full text of which may be accessed electronically at

SAM Registration: Vendors must be registered in SAM (System for Award Management) to be eligible for awards with the US Government

Contracting Authority: This request for quotation does not constitute a contract with the U.S Government.  Per FAR 1.602, the sole representative of the Government authorized to enter into an agreement is a warranted Contracting Officer.  The selected Offeror must ensure that a valid obligating document (e.g. Government Purchase Order) signed by a Contracting Officer is in place before commencement of work.  Any and all modifications after the commencement of work must likewise be authorized by a Contracting Officer.

F. Delivery: Within 01 months after receipt of a US Government Purchase Order.