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Request for Quotation to perform photo and video recordings, and production
March 4, 2022

Product/Service required: Video/Photography Services
Product Request Number (PR10595151):

The US Embassy is seeking the services of an experienced and responsible video/photography production services contractor to perform photo and video recordings, and production in multiple towns of Cameroon in conformity with the scope of work.


CDC Cameroon seeks to obtain the services of an experienced video/photography production contractor to provide high quality photography, video recording, and photo/video editing services including video transcription and captioning. Samples of recent comparable work will be provided with proposals.

Project photo and video footage will be captured across multiple locations within three towns of Cameroon; Yaounde, Douala (est. 4 days excluding travel), Bafoussam (est. 4 days excluding travel)

The vendor(s) will travel by their own means while keeping to the mutually agreed schedule. Vendor(s) will be accompanied to the shooting locations by CDC designee(s). Designees will facilitate access and coordinate onsite activities.

Photos will be delivered in one set of prints (A3 size), and in individual high-resolution (minimum 300 ppi) files in a standard image format on a (vendor supplied) digital storage medium.

Final video and all raw footage will be provided in softcopy on one or more (vendor-supplied) digital storage medium.

Photos and draft videos will be provided on a rolling basis after each story is captured. With a preview provided within three weeks after capture and the final version integrating CDC comments no later than three additional weeks later.

Product Title: On the Frontlines of COVID-19: CDC’s Global Impact in Cameroon

Summary statement: Videos will demonstrate successes of the COVID-19 response from the collaborative work between CDC, the Ministry of Public Health and the Government of Cameroon, partners, and policymakers. Suggested themes include health security, life-saving science, maximizing health impact, eliminating disease, and building local capacity.

Primary Audience: US decision makers, Cameroon government partners, Cameroon implementing partners, CDC domestic and international partners.

Main Message: CDC’s global health work and local investments in building public health capacity helps countries to prevent, detect, and respond to major health threats including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call to Action: Learn more about CDC’s global COVID-19 response: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/

Enclosed(539 KB) is the full request for quotation