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Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Yaoundé, Cameroon
November 30, 2020

Location:  Population centers throughout Cameroon

Event:  Cameroon will hold regional elections on Sunday, December 6, 2020.  While the Embassy is not aware of any planned demonstrations, there is always the potential for large crowds to gather, peacefully or otherwise.  Additionally, host country security and law enforcement will likely have an increased presence during the elections.

Since June 2020, multiple improvised explosive device (IED) attacks have occurred in Yaoundé, and the threat for similar attacks to occur in Douala and countrywide remains.  Various armed actors may use such devices.  Despite the fact that these IED detonations have to date not directly targeted U.S. citizens and the places they frequent, the possibility exists that these armed actors could at any time target Western persons and interests.

Actions to Take:

  • Pay Attention to the News:  The radio, internet, and social media often provide advance warning of events and gatherings of concern.
  • Avoid & Report Gatherings:  If you see a crowd or traffic caused by a gathering, use an alternate route.  Avoid, as much as possible, public markets and large gathering areas, as these tend to be the areas targeted for IED attacks.
  • See Something, Say Something:  If you notice any suspicious or unattended package or bag, immediately leave the area, encourage others to do so, and locate the nearest authority to report the item.  DO NOT call the authorities using your cellphone while near any suspicious item.
  • Cooperate with Authorities:  Understand this is a busy period for law enforcement.  Help them keep you safe and avoid confrontation by being polite and following lawful instructions.
  • Always carry identification.