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U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation 2024
November 3, 2023

The U.S. Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon, is now accepting applications for the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2024 Grants Program!

AFCP supports the preservation of historic buildings, archaeological sites, manuscripts, museum collections, and forms of traditional cultural expression such as indigenous languages and crafts in more than 120 countries around the world. Grants range from U.S. $10,000 to $500,000. Projects may range in length from one to five years.

Full details about the AFCP 2024 Grants Program, including application requirements, are here: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=350724

Applications should be submitted by email to pasgrantsyaounde@state.gov no later than January 3, 2024, at 5 P.M.

For more information about the AFCP grant opportunity, please contact our Public Diplomacy team at +237-222201500, ext. 4446 or by email at yaoundepdculturaldl@state.gov