Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

When the Consular Section is advised that an American has been arrested, a Consular Officer visits the American as soon as possible, provides a list of attorneys, and offers other assistance such as contacting family or friends on the prisoner’s behalf. The primary concern of the Consular Officer is to ensure that the American prisoner is treated properly according to the Cameroonian law, and is not discriminated against due to their citizenship. The Consular Officer can also help in arranging to transfer private funds for delivery to American prisoners, and arranging dietary food supplements and/or medical care through a U.S. Government loan. Although Consular Officers can provide informative and supportive assistance, they cannot arrange for the release of an American from detention, nor serve as the prisoner’s legal representative, or intervene in the Cameroonian judicial process. For information about laws and the legal system of the host country, prisoners should refer to their attorneys.

Consult the list of local attorneys.