The U.S. Embassy Hosts a Youth Leadership Seminar

PAO Roberto Quiroz engages with the youth.
PAO Roberto Quiroz engages with the youth. [USEYde Photo]
On September 2, 2015, the U.S. Embassy welcomed twenty youth leaders from the Jeunesse Active Protestante et Evangélique for a session on leadership. In his remarks, Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II congratulated the young leaders for accepting responsibility in working towards a brighter future for Cameroon.  “Leaders in all sectors, from companies to city councils and NGOs, inspire, set a vision and an example, establish achievable goals, empower their people, and share credit.  Different societies define leadership according to their own values, and yet the constant denominator is to ensure that progress is both measurable and attained.  As President Obama has said, this is Africa’s time, and you embody America’s vision for this continent’s future – development and progress must come through your own efforts, ideas, and talents, and contributions, especially of women and girls, to build a future of promise and prosperity, and that Africa’s wealth and resources are preserved for the benefit of Africans,” he said.

Reference Librarian Edna Enyeji informed participants about the missions, resources and activities of the Information Resource Center. This was followed by a seminar on youth leadership by IRC Director Mathias Tientcheu during which participants examined the core competencies of a great leader, adding: “Find the leader within you, and seek to build up the talents and potential of those around you in order to achieve the goals you establish for your organizations.” The session ended with the distribution of Nouveaux Horizons books on leadership, management and personal development to all the participants.

“Thanks to the U.S. Embassy for partnering with us. We felt welcomed, but encouraged to offer our efforts towards achieving the goals of ‘Vision 2035’ for our country,” said a participant.

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