The U.S. Embassy welcomes Teaching Excellence and Achievement Award Alumni

Cameroon Teaching Excellence and Achievement Alumni with the Cultural Affairs Officer and IRC Director. [USEmbYaounde]

On August 29, 2017, Acting Cultural Affairs Officer Linda Cowher and IRC Director Mabel Foncham-Chingang welcomed the 10-member Executive Board of the newly formed Cameroon Teaching Excellence Achievement Program (TEA) Alumni Association. The Board members had requested the meeting to present their association, which had just been created on August 5-6 in Bamenda.

The members, all secondary school teachers who had participated in the TEA Program over the past three years, expressed a strong desire to continue working with the U.S. Embassy and to keep us informed of the active contributions they are making to help solve educational and societal challenges in their communities located throughout Cameroon. Many of their ideas, they said, had been inspired by their experiences in the U.S. as participants in the TEA Program. Motivated by their motto “Together We Make a Difference,” they plan to initiate a series of individual and collective projects that had been identified at their inaugural meeting in Bamenda.

The TEA Program provides secondary school teachers with unique opportunities to develop expertise in their subject areas, enhance teaching skills, and increase knowledge about the U.S. It consists of a six-week non-degree, non-credit customized academic program in which selected teachers participate in a practicum at a U.S. secondary school located near a host university.