Diplomatic or Official Visas

The U.S. Consular Section accepts applications for A and G visas without an appointment Monday through Thursday 1pm – 3pm. Be advised that the mere possession of a diplomatic or official passport does not automatically entitle the bearer to an A or G visa; rather, it is the purpose of travel that will determine the type of visa accorded. In order to be eligible for an A or G visa, you must be traveling on official government business. You must also be either a government official or an official staff member of an international organization.

Please note that applicants applying for A-3 or G-5 visas must be interviewed.

Official Travel – Documents Required to Apply

  • Diplomatic or official passport for applicant.  Any applicant who does not have a diplomatic passport or official passport (passeport de service) must present an additional diplomatic note from either the Ministry of External Relations or the Presidency explaining the unique circumstances behind such a case, and the urgency of the mission the traveler is to undertake.
  • The online visa application form DS-160 is available on https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/. This application must be complete and accurate. The application should include personalized contact information, any prior travel, address where applicant will stay in the United States. Please print the application confirmation page and bring it to the Embassy.
  • A diplomatic note (Note Verbale) from the Ministry of External Relations or International Organization confirming and briefly describing the official government business you are undertaking. The diplomatic note (Note Verbale) should include the following information concerning the principal applicant:
    • Name and date of birth,
    • Position and title,
    • Place of assignment or visit,
    • Purpose of travel and details on the nature of mission
    • Brief description of duties,
    • Travel date,
    • Anticipated length of stay or tour of duty in the United States, and
    • The names, relationships, and dates of birth of any dependents and other members of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal.
  •  Mission Order (Ordre de Mission) detailing the exact nature and dates of your official travel to the United States. Please be specific and detailed about the precise activities to be undertaken, and the exact responsibilities of the individual traveler.
  • Any other supporting documentation about the trip.
  • Photograph – attach a 50mm x 50mm photograph of the applicant taken within the last six months with a white background.

Processing Time for Official Visas

Generally, A and G visas will be available three to five working days after submission. In cases of urgent travel where delayed application for a U.S. visa is caused by factors beyond the control of the traveler, the section will attempt to provide the visa the next day.  Visas will not be expedited due to the difficulty or delay in obtaining mission orders or diplomatic notes as it is the responsibility of the traveler and his/her government/organization to provide these in a timely fashion.

From time to time, an A or G visa application requires additional administrative processing.  Unfortunately, we cannot waive this requirement and processing can take up to one month.  As a result, we encourage you to submit your visa application as soon as possible.

Personal Travel

Only the following category of diplomatic passport holders and their family members who are traveling to the U.S. for non-official or personal reasons are eligible to be exempted from paying the US $160 MRV fee.

  • Career diplomats
  • Career consular officers (not including honorary consuls)
  • Cabinet ministers
  • Regional governors
  • Justices of the national supreme court
  • Presidents of the National Assembly and Senate
  • Military officers holding a rank not below that of brigadier general or rear admiral

All holders of diplomatic or service passports that do not fall into one of the aforementioned groups will be asked to follow the same visa appointment procedure used by holders of ordinary passports.