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What We Do in Cameroon

Our partnership with Cameroon

United States is a strong friend and partner of Cameroon, investing millions of dollars each year to contribute to the country’s development, security, and prosperity.


  • HealthInvested more than $134 million since 2017 in the fight against malaria and provided malaria treatment to more than 2 million children in the North and Far North regions, helping to decrease child mortality by more than 35%.
  • Invested more than $500 million since 2013 to fight HIV/AIDS and expanded free clinical services for HIV from 56 sites in four regions to more than 340 sites in all 10 10 regions.
  • Invested $12 million in tuberculosis prevention and care, including $2.6 million to provide more than 170,000 people living with HIV lifesaving tuberculosis preventive treatment.
  • Initiated the Cameroon Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) with the Ministry of Public Health, which has trained more than 1,100 disease detectives and was the first accredited FETP in Africa.
  • Strengthened laboratory quality, with five laboratories becoming the first in Central Africa to receive accreditation and one internationally certified blood bank, which is also the first in West and Central Africa.
  • Donated 847,310 COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Humanitarian & Economic Development

    Happy women recipient of USAID humanitarian donations

    • The United States is the largest bilateral humanitarian assistance donor in Cameroon with more than $650 million since 2014— providing emergency food assistance to more than 1.4 million people; including the delivery of relief commodities and promoting maternal and child health.
    • Funded more than 160 community grants over two decades, with projects in each of the 10 regions.
    • Trained and placed nearly 4,000 Peace Corps volunteers to serve in the areas of agriculture, health, education and economic development in Cameroon since 1962.



    • Support law enforcement capacity building to combat wildlife trafficking and map environment crime networks.
    • Support the design of a National Forest Monitoring System, coordinating with REDD+; Cameroon’s National Observatory on Climate Change (ONACC); the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED); and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF).
    • Support conservation efforts to strengthen park management at the Douala-Edea, Mbem & Djerem national parks, and the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary.



    • Supported more than 111,000 pre-school & school- age children in 240 primary schools and more than 670,000 indirect beneficiaries in the East, North, & Northwest regions of Cameroon with school and take-home meals.
    • Manage the American Center Library in Yaounde and support the American libraries in Buea, Douala, & Garoua.
    • Provided immersive English language training for close to 700 secondary school students through the English Access Micro-Scholarship Program.
    • Supported seven culturally significant Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation projects in four regions with a total of investment of more than $430,000.
    • Implemented exchange programs for more than 3,000 Americans and Cameroonians through programs such as Fulbright, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, and the International Visitor Leadership Program.



    • Facilitated Cameroon’s participation in OBANGAME EXPRESS, a U.S.-led naval exercise for the security of the Gulf of Guinea.
    • Provided more than $10 million for mitigating conflict, promoting peace, and enhancing Cameroon’s national security and regional stability.
    • Provided $33 million in Maritime Operations Centers for coastal Cameroon since 2015 (Douala, Limbe and Kribi).
    • Provided almost $67 million to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, including to the Multinational Joint Task Force in Lake Chad Basin, to counter violent extremist organizations in northern Cameroon.
    • Provided more than $600,000 per year for Cameroonian military to study at the U.S. International Military Education and Training Program.