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What We Do in Cameroon

Our partnership with Cameroon

United States is a strong friend and partner of Cameroon, investing millions of dollars each year to contribute to the country’s development, security, and prosperity.


The United States:


  • Donated more than 846,160 COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Funded the $3.27 million renovation of the National Veterinary Laboratory Annex in Yaoundé, the region’s primary veterinary reference laboratory focused on zoonotic disease surveillance.
  • Strengthened laboratory quality, with five labs becoming the first in Central Africa to receive regional accreditation.
  • Invested more than $500 million since 2013 to fight HIV/AIDS.
  • Expanded free clinical services for HIV from 56 sites in four regions to more than 300 in all 10 regions.
  • Supported lifesaving treatment to 16,000 children with our $89 million investment in 2021.
  • Invested more than $111 million over the past four years in the fight against malaria.
  • Provided malaria treatment to more than 1.7 million children in the North and Far North regions.

Humanitarian & Economic Development


The United States:
  • Is the largest bilateral humanitarian assistance donor in Cameroon with more than $300 million since 2014— providing emergency food assistance to more than 1.3 million people; promoting maternal and child health for an estimated 308,000 vulnerable individuals; delivered relief commodities to 18,000 vulnerable individuals; and gave hygiene kits to reduce the rate of mortality and morbidity associated with the spread of waterborne diseases to 13,000 individuals.
  • Funded more than 160 community grants over two decades, with projects in each of the 10 regions.
  • Has sent nearly 4,000 Peace Corps volunteers to Cameroon since 1962.



The United States:
  • Supports law enforcement capacity building to combat wildlife trafficking and map environment crime networks through Department of State-funded programs.
  • Forest Service has been supporting the design of a National Forest Monitoring System, coordinating with REDD+; Cameroon’s National Observatory on Climate Change (ONACC); the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED); and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF).
  • Fish and Wildlife Service supports conservation efforts to strengthen park management at the Douala-Edea National Park, the Mbem & Djerem national parks, and the Sena Ora National Park.



The United States:
  • Supported more than 111,000 pre-school & school- age children in 240 primary schools and more than 670,000 indirect beneficiaries in the East, North, & Northwest regions of Cameroon with school and take-home meals.
  • Manages the American Center Library in Yaounde and supports American libraries in Buea, Douala, & Garoua.
  • Provided immersive English language training for more than 600 secondary school students through the English Access Micro-Scholarship Program over the past 11 years.
  • Supported seven culturally significant Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation projects in four regions with a total of investment of more than $430,000.
  • Implemented exchange programs for more than 3,000 Americans and Cameroonians through programs such as Fulbright, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, and the International Visitor Leadership Program.



The United States:
  • Facilitated Cameroon’s participation in OBANGAME EXPRESS, a U.S.-led naval exercise for the security of the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Provided more than $10 million for mitigating conflict, promoting peace, and enhancing Cameroon’s national security and regional stability.
  • Provided $33 million in Maritime Operations Centers for coastal Cameroon since 2015 (Douala, Limbe and Kribi).
  • Provided almost $67 million to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, including to the Multinational Joint Task Force in Lake Chad Basin, to counter violent extremist organizations in northern Cameroon.
  • Provided more than $600,000 per year for Cameroonian military to study at the U.S. International Military Education and Training Program.